Leave It To Levi
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Leave It To Levi

Posted on 10/24/2021


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Diverse Product Portfolio

Levi Strauss has been making significant progress with its business since the last Financial Report. 21% of the company sales are from shirts, 16% from shoes, accessories, and other pants/skirts. Women's retailing is up at 34%. In 2015 it was only 20%. Of all products sold: $3 billion worth were jeans.

Levi Strauss & Co not only diversify their product lines but also has geographical diversity. International sales for the company account for 56% of total revenue in 2020 and have grown steadily over the years. This gives them more options as they diversify their portfolio and exceed expectations of being just a jeans brand.

The Future of Retail

While Levi's B2C retail sales declined by 5% year over year, partly due to the pandemic and store closures, it increased its online sales by 38% through its e-commerce platform. The company also invested in 21 newer but smaller 'NextGen' stores, which promise an elevated shopping experience through technologies like product customization, customer data analysis, and an interactive tailor shop app.  Management is optimistic and already plans on opening up more than 100 stores.

Changing like a flock of birds

LEVI primarily sells clothing which might lose its' relevance as fashion trends change, as we've seen happen with McDonald's now struggling to produce different food items due to lack of creativity and reverting to more straightforward choices.

While this strategy was particularly successful when they tried launching an 'All Day Levi' Collection earlier, providing different types of products like baby outfits or winter wear, can they generate enough revenue to offset the decline in their apparel business?

The Intersection of Opportunity

Despite temporary setbacks in recent years, Levi Strauss & Co has seen significant increases in margins and robust delivery of earnings. Gross margin recently reached 55.3%, and company forecasts indicate an even more substantial increase when revenues recover. The ambitious goal for the brand—to be "the first name people think of" when shopping for clothes—still holds just as accurate today, with continuously successful turns on historical brands like Signature by Levi Strauss at Kohl's.

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